What we did last week

Created on Friday, 27 January 2012 16:31

So, highlights of last week include performing at both New Minas Elementary and LE Shaw schools!  The students at those schools have a great music teacher, Olivia Frampton, who has been organizing concerts and demos every month (upcoming - digeridoo and marimba among other percussion instruments!).
We did 45 minute concerts (with questions and answers of course) for 320 Grades P-5 students at New Minas and around 130 Grades P-5 students at LE Shaw.  

At New Minas there was a lot of great clapping along, snapping along, and dancing (happy mayhem!)

LE Shaw's concert began at 8:45 which was slightly challenging for us (our earliest gig ever we think) but we made it and it turned out really well. We had lots of fun and the kids seemed to have lots of fun too. They even helped Andy out with his vocal percussion on a few songs. Later on that same day we received an envelope full of drawings and cards from the Grades 1 and 2 classes.  I am attaching a photo gallery because they're really sweet!  Notice all the cool high hats.