It's November

Created on Sunday, 20 November 2011 20:17

So, after a week of mainly things going wrong, (flu being one of the things) we are getting back to normal.  Normal right now involves working on a CD for Karen Warner, getting ready for Jamie Junger's CD Release of "Fishin' for Pickles" and enjoying the last (?) warm days of summer.  This fall we have been having extremely awesome weather, all of which was owed to us after the miserable wet catastrophe that was last fall.

A few shows coming up...

Sat Nov 26 we'll perform at Paddy's Pub in Wolfville from ~9-12 with Adam and Chris (should be a nice time).

Sun Nov 27 we will be backing up Jamie and Sadie Junger at their CD Release at the Baptist Vestry in Chester from 2-5pm.  This will certainly be fantastic, as you would know if you had seen any of Jamie and Sadie's previous performances.

Fri Dec 2 will be Harry's War Child Extravaganza at the Whittle.  We'll be doing a set with Chris and Adam at that show as well as helping on some songs from Harry and the Hupmans.

Sat Dec 3 is Night Kitchen, in which we are not performing.  It'll be a great amazing show.

Fri Dec 9 will be our annual xmas show with Darren Arsenault at Petite Riviere Fire Hall.  This is always a blast, as of course anything involving Darren typically is.