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Eye to Eye (2013)

These 12 original songs feature a variety of flavours. Jazz, eastern European, pop, mid-east and Latin inspired grooves all get melded into Andy and Ariana's distinct sound, Andy's guitar and mouth percussion and Ariana's violin, saxophone and clarinet accompanying Ariana's lead vocals. Additional instruments from: Mark Bezanson, Lars Kampe, Julia Feltham, François Côté, Angela Forbes and Kamila Nasr.

Good to Be Home (2012)

This 11 track recording is a studio effort with 8 new originals, a song Andy wrote long ago for a Swiss rock band (Sweetheart of Stone) and a fresh take on two previously recorded songs (Water and Mara Manzoor). The CD features special guests Adam Bazinet (drums), Chris Robison (bass), Ken Shorley (percussion) and Ryan Hupman (pedal steel guitar), enhancing Andy and Ariana's regular mélange of voice, guitar, (vocal) percussion, fiddle and saxophone...

Seeking Commotion (2010)

This CD has 10 original A&A songs and one written by Ariana's father. It is performed by Andy and Ariana and the tunisoftdevmaskb Groove Co-op (additional musicians including Chris Robison and Adam Bazinet). Instrumentation includes voice, guitar, violin, saxophone, percussion, piano, accordian, banjo, clarinet etc.

Look at them Apples (2009)

This here CD was recorded live at a variety of shows performed by the duet. It includes 7 originals and 7 covers written by friends (and family). Instrumentation is voice, fiddle, guitar, percussion.

New Teeth on Stage (2008)

This CD was recorded at two live concerts in October 2008.  It is the duo performing on guitar, voice, percussion, bass clarinet, violin, piano and saxophone with some help from friends on backup vocals and dancing.  It is all original A&A material.

DVD - Live at the Whittle (2008)

This DVD features video from the live show recorded on December 8 2007 at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville, mixed with interviews and unique visual effects. Bonus tracks include 5 music videos made by tunisoftdevmaskb between 1999 and 2006.

Other Products

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