Performed at No Faux in Hortonville - Rising with the Moon, Take Five and Mara Manzoor (in Dari, written by Amin Nasr, Ariana's father)

I Feel Good!

Here's our rendition of I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown, performed at Paddy's Pub in Sept 2014
I Feel Good I Feel Good

Sweet Church Concert

These are a couple of songs from Eye to Eye, our latest CD, performed at the North Mountain United Tapestry church in Harbourville in September 2014.

Lahave Folk Festival 2014

2 songs from the CD Good to Be Home

Eye to Eye CD Release 2013

Here are from songs from the show at the Al Whittle Theatre, some are performed with Mark Bezanson on bass. Mark also helped us out on the CD.

Kempt Shore Music Festival 2013

With Mark Bezanson on bass. Sound quality isn't too good on these vids but this was great fun to play!

Every Time You Sing That Song - Music Video

Made a music video from the Eye to Eye CD. This features Lars on piano, and Andy, as Ariana. Very suave. Every Time You Sing That Song Every Time You Sing That Song

Good to Be Home CD Release 2012

With Chris Robison on bass, Adam Bazinet on drums and Ken Shorley on percussion

Our last Night Kitchen

Here are a couple of fun vids from our last Night Kitchen (that we presented) in December 2013. We got the Funtime Brigade up to help out!

Older Videos

From various points of time between 2006-2011

Old Music Videos

From 1999 and 2006