About Andy and Ariana

Andy and Ariana's latest CD Eye to Eye (2013) was described by CBC's Stan Carew as “quirky, exotic and enjoyable”. This also characterizes the duo's performances; they play an original mix of gypsy, roots, jazz and blues which combines Andy's guitar/bass and beat-box rhythm section with Ariana's vocals, violin and saxophone to create a soulful joyful sound.

The two have much to draw on for musical and songwriting inspiration, from their Swiss/Danish and Afghan/Canadian roots, to popular music ranging from jazz to rock, to the inherent love for music that is Nova Scotian tradition. East meets West meets Nova Scotia kitchen party!

What's New
This year's project is a show which pays hommage to the great french vocalist Édith Piaf.  It has resulted in a CD called "La Vie en Rose" which includes 11 songs from the repertoire of Piaf, sung by Ariana and accompanied by both Andy and Ariana.  The show has been met with great enthusiasm from audiences all over Nova Scotia and will be featured at the upcoming Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville.

A Little Background
Andy and Ariana have been playing music together for more than 17 years. During that time they have produced and recorded 8 albums of their own original music and a live concert DVD including several music videos. They have also produced: CDs for a number of East Coast recording artists, a long-running musical variety show in Wolfville NS called Night Kitchen (involving the creation of hundreds of live videos for hundreds of different acts), and a piece of video compositing software.

In 2014 the duo teamed up with Ariana's sisters, Sahara Jane and Kamila Nasr to tour in Asia with an original project "Ask Your Sister".  They also produced a CD titled "Invincible".


More about us:

Everyone wants to know where Andy is from. People can't quite figure out his accent with all its rrrolling r's. Is it Scottish? Irish? Dutch? Fake? Andy was born in Canada but grew up in Switzerland where he learned to speak Swiss German (make funny sounds with his mouth) and play with church organ pipes (and other instruments).

His music career started with a Swiss rock band called Chinook. Andy was the lead singer, rhythm guitar player and songwriter (in English – his first language). The band took Andy back to Canada where he decided to stay forever. He eventually met his life partner Ariana, when he searched out a saxophonist for his own recording project in Toronto in early 1998.

Andy's background in linguistics helps him to write all those spiffy lyrics for the band. As they say, you gotta learn the rules before you can properly break them. Ask him something in latin...


was born in Nova Scotia to a Maritimer mom and an Afghan dad. She grew up in a very musical family and learned a variety of instruments.  As a young child Ariana already knew she would spend her life making music.

Since returning to Nova Scotia in 2005, Ariana has been involved in a wide variety of musical projects in addition to performing with "Andy and Ariana".  She has recorded on many CDs as a lead soloist on violin, saxophone and clarinet, including some ECMA winners and nominees.  World music is a passion of hers and she regularly performs with a turkish/balkan dance band, singing in a variety of languages and playing saxophone.



What others have said: 

Eye to Eye was one of CBC Stan Carew's top 10 for 2013 (see article here)

"the best part of the album though, is that you can hear them smiling. Andy and Ariana’s love of music and each other comes out loud and clear, shining like a National guitar. Their songs make you feel happy you know them, and happy to be alive."
Laura MacDonald, columnist for The Grapevine

"absolutely an incredible night of music.....Ariana, there is no finer vocalist than you and also you're really hot....Andy, you are one mighty fine lyricist and really too talented in so many ways....so much good stuff going on musically with Chris and Adam and Ken it was just total bliss to watch it all go down.....THANK YOU for being so goddamn good and working so hard at it!"
-Jenny Osburn, owner of Union Street Cafe and the Wick Pub


"to hear Andy and Ariana perform today is to be blown sideways by the brilliant lyrics, the self-assurance, the interwoven rhythms, the deftness on myriad instruments (including some of the most innovative scat-boxing you’ve ever heard), the spot-on pitch, and the yummy goulash of musical genres."
-Wanda Waterman St. Louis, Voice Magazine, Athabasca University:
"...Mad Geniuses of the New Millennium..."