New Photos

A-A.jpgWatching the kids dance at the Lahave Folk Festival 2014Union Street Cafe!  An Historic EventArrêtez!.jpgKempt Shore Acoustic Maritime Music Festival 2014.  10th Anniversary! photo by Erika KulnysKempt Shore Acoustic Maritime Music Festival 2013 with Mark Bezanson on bass.Performance of Eye to Eye with the Charles P Allen High School band! 2013Andy-at-Lahave.jpgAndy and Ariana (and Ryan's woodstove). Recording for Mike Aube! photo by Kymberley BennettBanks Schoolhouse Music Festival - photo by Michael DismatsekCD Release for Eye to Eye at the Al Whittle Theatre in 2013Ham Jam Music Festival 2013
Got rained ArianaArtword Artbar in Hamilton ON - photo by Krystina BowenI was one minute above the law - Night KitchenDeep Roots Music Festival 2011 - Sunday afternoonDeep Roots Music Festival 2012 at Convocation HallChilling out man.  Photo by Kymberley Bennett